Formed in early 2015 as part of an experimental jam session between Louvau and guitarist Andy Gerold (ex-Marilyn Manson, Ashes Divide), THERE IS NO US is a social movement to expose the failure of the human race. Inspired by the powerful aggression they formed lyrically and musically, the duo added bassist Amy Abramite and guitarist Jared Bakin to the fold and released their debut EP, "Farewell To Humanity" in September of 2015. Audiences and influencers immediately took notice and the band made their debut performance opening for LetLive in Las Vegas. The band has since then appeared on stages with acts ranging from mathcore outfit The Dillinger Escape Plan to hard rock group Tremonti across the West Coast. As a strong underground following began, peers in their genre praised the group, including Filter vocalist Richard Patrick lauding Louvau as "one of the greatest voices in the scene".